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NovaThreads Special Promotion

Are you desperately in need of adjustments to certain areas that have naturally begun to sag with the effects of time?  Nearly all of us at some point wish that we could tighten up our sagging neck, or “jowls” as some of us call them, or even to lift the area around the cheekbones, augment the lips, or give a bit of a lift the abdomen area.  Just a few short years ago, to attain the results of a true lift or tightening, you would have had to undergo a genuine surgical procedure such as a face lift.  Now, with the invention of NovaThreads, an injected thread that has the ability to tighten, lift, and smooth areas all over the body, you don’t have to worry about the recovery time of traditional surgical procedures.  Contact us for a consultation to see if NovaThreads is right for you, and then take advantage of our current NovaThreads specials!

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